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Weather on Ko Lanta is typically that of the tropical monsoon, providing with just two season; summer and rainy. Two monsoons effect to Ko Lanta directly,

Klong Nin Beach - Before rain during Low Season

the west monsoon start around May, this will bring the rain to the island. The sea is rougher and the tide have bigger wave. But it rejuvenates the forest and fills up the reservoir cause the new jungle life born. The maximum raining is during July and August, but it not much as though. The rainfall is just only a few days in a week and a few hours a day and always sunny after rain.

Traveling this period, all sea activities is parked included our dive company. The advantage is dessert and private beach with not much tourist and the accommodation is really cheap.

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Klong Nin Beach (the same place) - during High Season

The east monsoon from China will start around October. The wind direction will change to the opposite side heading west; all Ko Lanta's people know it time to start the tourist season. The rain stops and thank for west monsoon that leave the white powder sand bank on the beach and clear all the dirt back to the deep sea.The temperature on Ko Lanta is average 24 to 38 degree Celsius whole year. The sea temperature is around 30 degree Celsius or same as your baht water at home. Here is start the great time to DIVE.

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