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Koh Lanta offers as many as 9 different beaches all on it's about 30 km long western coast.

Kaw Kwang Beach:

Starting in the North, close to Saladan and Lanta Pier you will find Kaw Kwang Beach , a tiny beach with grain brown sand, shallow water and only a few very basic resorts.

Klong Dao Beach :

Kong Dao is the islands family beach. Covered with white sand advancing smoothly in to shallow water and only little waves, its very suitable for children to swim. At this about 3 km long beachfront you will find a good choice of 3 to 4 star resorts, restaurants and bars, most of them are located directly at the beach.

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Pra Ae Beach ( Long Beach ):

About 5 km south you will find Pra Ae, basically known as Long Beach . This 5 km long, straight beach is covered with white powder sand and advances gently into crystal clear water. Pine trees and coconut jung le protects the beach towards the main road. The resorts scattering along the beach and keep enough distance to each other. Here you can find from very basic accommodation up to the finest 5 star resorts.

Klong Khong Beach:

Half way south the island, this beach is about 3 km long. Covered with grainy white sand and lots of coconut palms. You'll find, as on all Koh Lantas beaches, very clear water.

Most of the small resorts are owned an run by local peo ple and are considered as the cheapest accommodation compared to other resorts.

Khlong Nin Beach:

About 17 km down the road, this is one of the most popular beaches. Golden brown sand, crystal clear water. Pine and coconut jung le alternates with many local resorts and a few 3 and 4 star resorts. Walking on the 3 km long beach you can find many restaurants and small natural styled beach bars, ideal to relax and enjoy romantic sunsets.

Ao Nui Bay:

Next to Khlong Nin Beach lays this tiny, very natural beach, which you can spot from the road but there is no resort on it at all.

Ba Kan Tiang Beach:

The last beach you can reach on the paved road. This virgin beach with big trees and forest will over you shady places to relax. There you will find just basic accommodation and one 5 star resort.

Bamboo Beach or Ao Mai Pai:

To find this beach you will have to leave the paved road and proof your motorbike riding skills on a dirt road. Never the less, it's definitely worth it to try out. On a beautiful, unspoiled sandy beach with crystal clear water. Surrounded by the National Parks tropical rain forest, you can feel like Robinson Crusoe. A few bamboo bungalow resorts offer basic accommodation at very reasonable rates.

National Park:

Following the dirt road you will enter to Koh Lanta National Park with it's huge trees and fresh rain forest, that offers you trekking and extended walks.

Towards the light house, standing on the very south of Koh Lanta, there are two more beaches.

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