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Our Dive School , with own peer, is located in Saladan Town on the sea shore. An ideal location, next to many restaurants, shopping com ple x, tour agents and bank nearby.

Our philosophy

  • Safety

    We form dive-groups of 4 divers and 1 guide according to their dive level and experience.

    - No decompression dives are standard.
    - We dive the dream measures: 30 / 60 / 30
    - 30 Meters maximum dept
    - 60 Minutes maximum diving time
    - 30 Bar minimum tank pressure by the end of the dive.
  • Relaxation and Fun

    We will plan our Dives according to tide tables and current, we don't want to you to fight the current, we want you to relax and recover during your most valuable time of the year.

    The next generation also wants to enjoy diving. Therefore we do not touch anything under water, we do not leave anything but our bubbles, and we do not take anything with us, except our memories.


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