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Hin Daeng (Red rock)

The sole reason that diving has become world class in Koh Lanta are two pinnacles Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, offers everything a diver could want, from dramatic walls and big fish action, to lush tropical underwater gardens.

Hin Daeng is easily found since it protrudes about three meters above the surface but underwater the rock is huge. The southern side descends-straight down-to over 60 meters forming the most radical vertical drop in Thailand's seas. The wall is dotted with light growths of soft corals and a few sea fans, but is otherwise devoid of life.

On the eastern side where the slope is more gentle, two long ridges descend into the blueness and if the currents are favorable it is possible to swim along these ridges down to 40 meters or more. Here the soft coral becomes more lush and tall, and huge schools of jacks sweep past the ridge, surrounding the diver with a shimmering wall of silver.

Ascending to the shallows we see needle fish (long toms) skip along the surface. Barracudas stalk their prey through the clear water. Swimming between the three large rocks that form the surface view of Hin Daeng, large schools of fusiliers dart to and fro as if they are afraid of the water surging through the channels. Manta rays are rapidly becoming more of a common reason for diving in Hin Daeng.


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